Tripal is a suite of Drupal modules for construction of biological, research-oriented, scientific websites. In particular, it supports genomic, genetic and breeding data.  Tripal is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Major Features

  • Incorporates the GMOD Chado database schema which serves as the data warehouse.
  • Provides data loaders for commonly used file formats.
  • Provides customizable templates to allow maximum control for the way data is presented.
  • Contains an extensive, documented API.
  • Supports development of extension modules and sharing of customizations.
  • Integrates with the Drupal Views project for creation of customized views of all Chado data.
  • Provides a bulk loader designer for importing tab-delimited data files.
  • Supports addition of customized tables and materialized views.

Recent Outreach Activities

Below is a list of recent outreach activities, such as training or other presentations provided by Tripal developers and stake-holders.


Contributing Organizations:

Washington State University  University of Saskatchewan   GMOD